Cowboys LB Sean Lee: Only ‘a matter of time’ before Jaylon Smith is dominating

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Louis DeLuca/Staff Photographer Dallas linebackers Jaylon Smith (54) and Sean Lee (50) are pictured during the Dallas Cowboys full-squad minicamp practice at the Star in Frisco, photographed on Thursday, June15, 2017. (Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News)

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee recently joined 103.3-FM ESPN’s "Dennis and Cowlishaw" to talk all things football. Here are some highlights:

On Jaylon Smith…

Lee: He is the nicest guy around, and his attitude through this entire thing was incredible. If he had a bad day, you never saw it. You never saw it at the facility. He was always infectious.

And I’ve been in that situation where, you know, you’re six months in, all you want to do is play football and it’s hard to take. You start to get gloomy, start to get frustrated, he never did that.

And you see him now – what happens is the transition becomes easier because he has a mental year under his belt. Physically he doesn’t, but mentally, he went through every gameplan. He studied every week. He got ready for games mentally, and he played them out in his head. So, when he comes out here now, he’s making it look seamless because of that.

Are you guys pretty good buddies already?

Lee: Yeah, he’s great. Like I said, the last two years, we started to bond. We have a great linebacker room when it comes to guys who like to practice the right way, help each other out. Everybody wants to see everybody in the room have success, and he’s one of those guys.

On those dreaming to see Smith and Lee side by side at LB…

Lee: I think he’s a complete package. Physically, he’s an incredible athlete. Mentally, I mean, the instincts he has, how he works, the work ethic, it’s a matter of time before he’s dominating. It’s going to be fun to watch.

On those who think Dallas is carried by the offense…

Lee: I think if you turn the table on last year, you saw a defense that played well in a lot of games. No. 1 run defense, scoring-wise keeping people out of the end zone, we did a good job. The next step for us is turnovers. And that’s what we talk about. We talk about turnovers No. 1, not allowing people to score points, and stopping the run. If we can get that third part of it, I think you’re going to see us be a championship defense. That’s easier said than done. We have to go do it.

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