Dozens of neglected, dead animals seized from filthy property in Dallas

SPCA of Texas

Seven dead animals as well as two dozen more dogs, cats, hens and other neglected creatures were seized Tuesday from filthy living conditions in Dallas, according to the SPCA of Texas.

The SPCA and Dallas police searched the feces-filled residence near Dowdy Ferry Road and found eight dogs, seven cats, six hens, three pullets, a rooster and 15 eggs that had allegedly been treated cruelly.

The SPCA and Dallas police found eight dogs, seven cats, six hens, three pullets, a rooster and 15 eggs at the property.
The animals appeared to have health issues including flea infestation, matted fur, skin problems, injured and abnormal limbs, long nails and malnutrition, the SPCA said. Two of the seven cats were confined in feces-filled and urine-soaked wire crates with no access to food or water, the SPCA said. Before they could get the cats out they had to first remove some of the feces.They also found a dog stuck in a wire crate that was buried beneath debris, and hens, a rooster and eggs in a small wire enclosure. The pullets were found in a cardboard box. A number of other dogs and cats were found roaming inside with little or no access to food and water. Another dog was found outside and one more was found in a broken plastic crate, the SPCA said. More than five dead dogs and cats were found in an advanced stage of decay in the back of the property, and three dead kittens were found inside a plastic barrel inside the home, the SPCA said.

The cats and dogs were transported to the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center in Dallas and the pullets and chickens went to the Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.

The animals will be examined and cared for until the May 8 custody hearing at the Dallas County Government Center.

The SPCA is seeking donations to help the animals at

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