New Features Available in NBCDFW’s Interactive Radar

The interactive radar on NBCDFW’s digital properties just got a little smarter, with an exclusive presentation you can’t find anywhere else.

When you visit the interactive radar on, or NBCDFW’s app on iPhone or iPad you’ll see a unique new feature.

When “Live Radar” is selected in layers, you’ll see NBC 5’s S Band Radar, but when you zoom out to look at the entire country, you’ll have the opportunity to view any available fixed NBC-owned radar in the country.

The radar presentation also shows any of the three StormRanger vehicles that are active in the country.

The unique new radar feature was launched on Tuesday. A StormRanger vehicle could be seen on the map near Boston. (see video above)

Tapping any of the icons takes you to that radar sweep.

NBC is the only network to have this unique radar presentation.

The “Live Radar” layer will be available on Android apps Wednesday.

Along with the Texas Storm Fleet, the new layer added to the interactive S Bandradar is the latest tool aimed at bringing you the best storm coverage in North Texas.