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Smart Dog Dallas checkout times are changing (for the better)

 Our boarding checkout times are changing for the better! You now have two more hours to pickup your dog without any additional charges!  We’ve decided to operate like a hotel so it is more convenient (and cheaper) for you.  Checkout […]

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Smart Dog Dallas Now Offering Bordetella Vaccine

  After careful consideration with our vet, we have decided to offer the Bordetella vaccination for our clients.  Save yourself a trip to the vet and let us do it for you! We chose the oral version of the vaccine […]

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? ❄ Doggies – What if the weather outside is frightful?? ❄ ?

What does Smart Dog Dallas do when the weather outside is frightful? I can’t believe that I haven’t had to write this post until January this season, but the weather has been so cooperative there hasn’t been a need!  It […]

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