Taking A Look At The State Of Texas

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The largest state in the continental United States, and the second largest in the U.S. behind only Alaska, the old saying that “Everything is bigger in Texas!” is one that really captures the confidence, the heart, and the swagger that the Texan identity provides many of the state’s proud residents. Texas is also the second largest state by population, with only California acting as home to more people. There’s a lot of interesting culture and cities throughout the Lone Star state, and Texas is also unique as being only one of two U.S. states that was once its own independent nation state, as well.

If you are going to be driving across Texas you’ll realize not only is there a whole lot of territory to cover by car, but much of the western part of state is desert that stretches on and on. There is plenty of rough ranch land, and there’s a reason this is a state known for its cattle, as well. When you hit the central to eastern part of the state you will run into a large number of great large cities that have a little bit of everything (including plenty of Texas barbecue joints), plenty of college and professional sports, and rolling hills and remarkable areas of nature that any outdoorsman can truly enjoy.

Add in unique cities like Austin, the state capital which is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World as well as the hosting city of the famous South by Southwest annual festival and it’s not hard at all to find a little bit of everything. You even have one of the better beaches and spring break destinations in the United States down on South Padre Island.

Texas is a state with a bit of everything and we’d expect nothing else from a place as big and bad as the Lone Star State.

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