Three Seguin TX Restaurants That I Am Familiar With Firsthand

When you are driving through a state the size of Texas, there are so many different places you can visit. I lived in a small city called Seguin, Texas. Surrounding that city were other other cities like New Braunfels, San Marcos, Lockhart and others. People in Texas like to take long country road drives to go eat sometimes. I want to single out Seguin in case you end up on a road trip and find yourself looking to stop in the city for a meal. Let’s look at three of the top restaurants in Seguin.

There are over 100 restaurants in Seguin TX. Dixie Grille is one of the restaurants that tops the rankings in Seguin, Texas. I have been there many times. It is a quaint yet popular place that serves up southern country cooking. Dixie Grille is located on W I10, and some of the menu items served up there include meatloaf, fried pickles and my favorite, country fried steak.

Su Casa Cafe is another top restaurant in Seguin TX, and it is on South Austin Street. Su Casa Cafe is located on East Kingsbury Street, and I am familiar with it, too. The restaurant is a great place to get Mexican food, although my favorite is La Taqueria Atontilco. I would be ordering up fajitas or nachos.

JJ’s Cafe is up next, and it is located on South Highway 123. The menu highlights mention comfort food, and I will go with that. I am again familiar with this place, too. I have been there several times, and each time I had country fried steak for lunch. As I close this article, I want to leave you with one more piece of advice. Visit Granzines, too, get some fresh jerky and sausage and then order up a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Walk out to the picnic table underneath the tree, and make sure you grab a bag of chips and a soda in a glass bottle.