Whataburger staff show Texas hospitality to duck who laid eggs outside northwest Dallas store

Whataburger employees have taken a mother duck under their wings after she laid eggs in the parking lot of one of the restaurant’s northwest Dallas locations.

The duck, who employees have named Lilly, used mulch from the parking lot to make a nest for her eight eggs, WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reported.

Staff have shown the duck true Texas hospitality since she showed up a few weeks ago. They put up orange traffic cones and caution tape so drivers wouldn’t disturb her. They’ve also given her food and refill a water bowl for her regularly, the station reported.

A customer, Lucile Crouch, told WFAA-TV she was delighted the duck laid her eggs at a Whataburger.

"I love it that she chose Whataburger. I think that’s great," she told the station. "She’s a Texas duck through and through."

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Check out The Whataburger Duck! She’s been there several days – corner of Lemmon & NW Highway. Pretty cool!


The Whataburger where Lilly took up residence is located near the intersection of Lemmon Avenue and Northwest Highway, so she’ll be able to waddle over to Bachman Lake once her ducklings are hatched.

Kristi Robeson, who’s visited and photographed the duck a few times since she nested, said Lilly and her eggs were gone Tuesday afternoon.

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