Will runoff gamble payoff for Dallas male judges? Or will women prevail anyway?

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Women rule Dallas County’s Democratic primary elections.

That’s why when four male civil court judges found themselves facing a woman one-on-one in the primary, they the recruited other women to enter their races. They hoped to make it into Tuesday’s runoff where turnout is lower and hefty campaign accounts and name recognition matter more.

Despite this strategy, one judge, Jim Jordan, lost in the primary to Dallas lawyer Aiesha Redmond. The other three, Carl Ginsberg, Martin Hoffman and Ken Tapscott made it into Tuesday’s runoff and are again facing a female candidate in a face-to-face contest.

In Dallas County Democratic primary elections, 58 percent of voters are women. Since 2006, when Democrats first took control of countywide politics, a men have only won a countywide race three times against women.

Twice it was county Tax Assessor John Ames, who also ran in contests with multiple female candidates. Former state District Judge John Creuzot is the only man to beat a woman one-on-one in a countywide Democratic primary. He will face Republican District Attorney Faith Johnson in November.

Hoffman, a state district judge, faces Dallas lawyer Kim Brown, who nearly beat him and avoided a runoff.

Ginsberg, also a state district judge, faces lawyer Bridgett Whitmore. Ginsberg’s vote total was closer to his primary challenger’s, but their race had more Ginsberg-recruited candidates. Ginsberg contends that lawyers recruited Whitmore to run after they lost a case in his court. The lawsuit against the NFL over a fantasy sports convention was from a business backed by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

In Tapscott’s race, Paula Rosales finished with 35 percent of the vote, beating him by 9 percentage points. Dallas lawyer Rachel Rider, who has a nice-sounding name for politics, had 22 percent, while Tanja Martini hauled in 17 percent. Both women were planted in the race to help Tapscott’s cause.

Like Ginsberg, Tapscott also charges that Rosales is in the race because of trial lawyers who were angry with him. She says she can do a better job.

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